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Application Summer Festival
Written by Mary Kinney   
Friday, 17 October 2008 13:57

Last Updated ( Friday, 17 October 2008 14:00 )
Written by Mary Kinney   
Sunday, 14 September 2008 17:10

Reliable Disposal is working along

with the Sister Lakes Streetscape Project

To have your recycling needs taken care of with curbside pickup in Sister Lakes Michigan contact Reliable: 1-800-677-1083 or 1-269-465-3773


A 95 gallon container with a yellow lid is provided.  Pick up is once a month at $3.10 a month.

We recycle the following:

·         Newspapers:  including inserts; comics; flyers printed on newsprint and magazines.

How to prepare:  Place paper in brown paper bags.  Do not tie in bundles.  Do not add other types of paper in with this group.  Use a separate bag.

·         Corrugated Cardboard:  Cardboard from boxes made of corrugated material (multiple layers).

How to prepare:  Cut into pieces no larger than two square feet, stack the material under or next to recycling bin (so cardboard won’t fly away).

·         Glass: colorless jars; colorless bottles; colored glass.

How to prepare:  Rinse out, remove lids; labels are OK.  Please no Pyrex, window glass; ceramics; light bulbs; drinking glasses or decorative glass.

·         Metal:  Food cans; foil; pie tins; lids from jars.

How to prepare:  Rinse and clear thoroughly and labels are OK.

·         Plastic:  milk jugs; laundry and hair care bottles with 1 through 5 & #7 on the bottom.

·        How to Prepare:  Rinse well.  Labels are OK.  Please, do not include bottle caps; no plastic tubs; bags; buckets; lids, and no containers for oil products!  Container opening must be smaller than base.

Please note:  Items not properly prepared will not be picked up, and a tag will be left with the bin explaining any errors made!



………………………………about your bin…………………………..


To prepare materials to place in the bin, please follow the Curbside Recycling Guide, located on front page.  Paper grocery sacks may be helpful and can be used if you wish.  Please be sure tin cans are not hidden in between the newspapers.  We recommend newspapers on the bottom and plastic, tin and glass on top to shield the papers.  Even if some of the papers get wet, they can still be recycled.


Place your bin at the curb on one side of your driveway.  Place your garbage can on the other side of your driveway.  This will ensure that recyclables are not confused with garbage.  Please have your recycling bin out by   7 a.m. on your collection day.   Any questions call Reliable Disposal at 1-800-677-1083 or 1-269-465-3773.


Pick days are as follows:  October 14, 2008; November 11, 2008; December 9, 2008.  If you choose to recycle Reliable will provide a calendar of future pick up dates…..



Thanks for participating in our effort to become GREEN!!!


Sister Lakes Streetscape Stakeholders


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